Honduran Geckos

This day in 2008 I was living in a wood hut up a mountain in Honduras contemplating the wonder of geckos

Every home on the north coast of Honduras seems to have at least one gecko. At Las Mangas they have two. It’s a strange thing to get used to at first. They have a habit of scurrying up a wall when you’re least expecting it. Sometimes you’ll open a cupboard and one will fly out at you or occasionally you will wake up in the middle of the night to see one making it’s way across your window. Of course you don’t see the gecko, you see the twelve foot shadow on the gecko on the opposite wall – which is usually a little disconcerting.

They click and quite often in the night you’ll wake up to them clicking or having a fight in the light fitting over who is going to get the bug. However, despite these moments they are very welcome guests and by far the best way to keep your home bug free. Today I found a gecko in my new classroom. He was minuscule and almost transparent. ‘Every building needs a gecko’ I thought, now mine has one and he’s growing up quick. I expect this sounds like madness to you, but I really cannot imagine how I ever lived without a gecko in the house. Right now I swear they are keeping me sane.


Second Saturday Cinema | Mar 11

Another second Saturday, another successful family cinema event! This time we had over 40 children and families from the local community in Manor Park but also from Leytonstone and Forest Gate.

The theme this month was ‘Going Wild.’ Families watched a series of Where the Wild Things are and had a lot of fun drawing monsters. My favourite by far had to be the Monster Shell…

Another welcome addition to the day was our new popcorn machine, which proved the source of much amusement (and horror) as it flung popcorn in many different directions!

Our next event will take place on 8th April from 11am-1pm. We will be watching Lost and Found and adaptation of the very popular book by Oliver Jeffers.

You can find out more on the Rabbits Road Institute website and the Forest Gate Arts Facebook page.

Short course in Infographics 19/04/17

I am teaching a short course in Infographic Storytelling at the London College of Communication on 19th April.

Whether you’re working on a professional presentation or a personal project, communicating your findings is often faster and more compelling with an infographic. This introductory course offers an overview of the information design process – how to understand the dataset, brainstorm different angles the data or narrative may allow, frame the story in visual form and tailor it to your audience to maximise the impact of your design.

Topics Covered

  • Key principles of information design
  • Narrative and storytelling
  • Framing data or narrative for the target audience
  • Visualising data
  • Maximising design

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you should:

  • Understand the creative journey that turns a raw set of data into a compelling infographic
  • Have a knowledge of the editorial process associated with information design
    Have gained an insight into the fundamental principles of designing an inspiring and stimulating infographic story and some experience of the practical application of these principles

This course is taught through tutor-guided workshops with some short presentations. You will look at and discuss a number of examples of infographic storytelling from posters to animations.

You will then take part in hands-on tasks to apply the principles and learning covered in the introductory elements, and discuss the work completed as a group, refine and develop it collaboratively. This is not a software/technical course so after its completion you may want to take a course in digital software design to bring your ideas to life.

Who Should Attend
You do not need any previous design experience. You may work with information for policy, business of campaigns or be responsible for commissioning information design work. This course could be of interest to designers who want to establish fundamental knowledge and experience of information design, but they should be aware that this is an introductory-level session.

Find out more and book online